Developed concept, organized and produced with 10Khz Project, the original Neoteric Festival (the multicultural festival of the new generation, the mystical technology of change, foundation of future, age of new)

The Neoteric events were a major gathering of the worlds underground talent within music, fashion and visual arts,which happened in Ashikaga and Niigata Japan, and also a larger production which happened in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Talent including, Jonah Sharp, Matthew Herbert, Mixmaster Morris, Matt Black, Velocette, Me-sheen, Shinterface, Hysteric Glamour, Ozone Community, Jeanpaul Gaultier, Spacetime, Shag and more. The events were entirely free to attend.

Ashikaga Japan, Niigata Japan, Chiang Mai Thailand

Other Event Organisation:
The Bas Event, Tokyo Chillout Farout Parties

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