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We have been creative designers for over 25 years working in three different continents including North America, Asia and now the UK & Europe…and are confident we can meet your needs, whatever they may be. We take all our projects seriously and have a very high design ethic. If you have a special design or printing project and think we can help you, give us a call or come down to our lovely location in Battlesbridge Essex to have a cup of tea and a chat.

Garment Printing  & Embroidery Services

  • T-Shirt & Polos
  • Hoodies, Jumpers & Jackets
  • Hats & Bags
  • Sports Wear & Work Wear
  • Cushions & Apron

Vinyl Graphic Services

  • Stickers, Decals, Temp Tatoos
  • Banners, Signs & A-Boards
  • Wall & Mural Graphics
  • Skateboard & Snowboard Skins
  • Window Graphics & Decals
  • Vehicle & Bicycle Graphics & Decals

Digital Media Services

  • Stationary Design (Brochures, Posters & Flyers, Logo & Biz Cards)
  • Rework & Rebranding, Print ready Artwork, Vector Ready & Conversion
  • Video Editing, Product Videos, DVD Authoring
  • Animated Movie Clips, Teasers
  • VJ Service Visuals Creation



Corporate Business

  • Armani Exchange
  • Ozone Rocks
  • Ozone Community
  • Swatch Watch
  • Moog Music
  • Mattel Inc.
  • Alain Mikli
  • 10Khz

Music Artists

  • Prince
  • Bono of U2
  • Moby
  • Adamski
  • Orbital
  • The Shamen
  • Bucks Fizz
  • Juke
  • Opus 3
  • Mixmaster Morris
  • Alison Moyet
  • Dee-Lite
  • T’Pau
  • Spacetime Continuum
  • The Winachi Tribe
  • Reagenz
  • Naked Lunch
  • Punishment of Luxury
  • Strangers
  • Automatic Writing
  • Modovar
  • Indigo
  • Sinestar
  • Tenek
  • Electro Kill Machine
  • EMT
  • Sudden Creation
  • The Trusted
  • Aphex Twin

Textile Buyers

  • Armani
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Anne Klein
  • Chanel
  • Versace
  • Patricia Fields
  • Terry de Havilland
  • Joe Casley Hayford
  • Dolce Gabana
  • Nike
  • Dr. Martens

Festival & Event Collaborations

  • Neoteric 96-99
  • Fuji Rock Festival
  • BAS
  • Spacetime Parties London
  • Chillout Farout Tokyo

Design Houses & Salons

  • John Galliano
  • Alain Mikli
  • Daniel Poole
  • Vidal Sassoon


  • Kenny Scharf
  • Heidi Wigmore
  • Lynn Lu


What: Prince’s World Gold Tour

Designed and manufactured  gold holographic textile for the proscenium, stage curtains and staging for Prince’s World Gold Tour and also designed stage outfits for the artist.


Other Celebrity Projects:
U2′s bono, Dee-lite, Mixmaster Morris, Spacetime Continuum, Moby, Nicholas Cage, Orbital, Mary Tyler Moore, Adamski, The Shamen

What: U2 Bono’s Holographic Suit

Spacetime was comissioned to design textiles for the  holographic suit, including a holographic stetson hat for Bono to wear during  U2′s Zooropa tour.

London, UK

Other Holgraphic Projects:
Spacetime Fashion, Deepspacetime Fashion, Kenny Scharfe, Orbital, Mixmaster Morris, Prince Gold Tour

What: Hotwheels Mattel Inc (USA)

Coordinated between Ozone Community Corps and Mattel Inc.,  for the successful collaboration between the two companies to design and manufacture a unique Hotwheels (Funny Car) and supporting fashion merchandising for a special promotion for Ozone Rocks 2002 sales campaign.

Tokyo, Japan

Other Big Business Networking:
Moog Music, Vidal Sassoon

What: Moog Window Display

Designed a cutting edge, modern concept window display for Ozone Rocks, for their Moog Merchandising Campaign.

Tokyo, Japan

Other Window Display Projects:
10Khz Project, Alain Mikli, Spacetime

What: A|X Interactive Wall Display

A contracted programming and design project in tech-savvy Shibuya, Tokyo with Interactive Multi-media giant ‘Tim Hunter Design‘ company out of New York; in which cutting edge fashion was the inspiration behind the experiential media concepts installed in two international flagship stores and various US locations for fashion retailer A|X Armani Exchange. The unique media and technology concepts included a two-story motion-activated LED wall at this particular shop.

Tokyo, Japan

What: Bas Event Visuals

Provided and Performed Live VJ material for the Bas Electro Synth Event for years 2012-2015

Basildon, Essex, UK

Other Video Production-Editing:
Modovar-Clearly, Strangers-Safe|Pain, Automatic Writing-Nostalgia for the Future, BAS 2014, BAS 2013, Mojo-Greenapple Video Info-Mercials

What: Sutadonya Interactive Website

An interactive promotional game site which incorporated a ‘Point Card’ style system via web by which the user ‘virtually ate’ a japanese beef bowl. If the user completed eating the food in the bowl, they would received a stamp on the interactive calendar. If the user completed 30 stamps in any time of 30 days total, would receive a coupon via email. The technologies used in this system were, Flash, ZendAmf, Php and Mysql.

Tokyo, Japan

Other Web Developing Projects:
Superstrumps, Ultimate Alloys, Bas Productions, Naked Lunch, Fengshui-Japan, Apple Mannequins, Oz Creative, Digital Compass, Victoria Webb, Stanway Motor Company

What: Neoteric Festival

Developed concept, organized and produced with 10Khz Project, the original Neoteric Festival (the multicultural festival of the new generation, the mystical technology of change, foundation of future, age of new)

The Neoteric events were a major gathering of the worlds underground talent within music, fashion and visual arts,which happened in Ashikaga and Niigata Japan, and also a larger production which happened in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Talent including, Jonah Sharp, Matthew Herbert, Mixmaster Morris, Matt Black, Velocette, Me-sheen, Shinterface, Hysteric Glamour, Ozone Community, Jeanpaul Gaultier, Spacetime, Shag and more. The events were entirely free to attend.

Ashikaga Japan, Niigata Japan, Chiang Mai Thailand

Other Event Organisation:
The Bas Event, Tokyo Chillout Farout Parties

What: Hemprotex Brand Development

The concept, idea and original name was about developing and using organic, green and eco-friendly yarns ,fibers, and dyes to make high quality, high fashion clothing brand products. A diverse project that included leasing our own organic cotton fields in New Mexico, so that we could trace each fibre used in our manufacture, from field to store, and the adoption of cashmere goats living in the Himalayas, that produced the wool we used in our organic cotton cashmere knits.  The name reminds us that Hemp is not only a professional textile but also a protective textile.

Tokyo, Japan

Other Conceptual Projects:
Rosarion, Green Club, Funky Farmer, Spacetime, Deepspacetime, International Fashion Rescue, Digital Punk, Auto-Couture, Neopolitan, Superstrumps

What: Spacetime Psycho-Pop Series

An example of ZX’s screen-printing with our own brand’s spacetime psycho-pop series

Tokyo, Japan

Other Garment & Screen Printing:
The Bas Event, Dorma Construction, Strangers, Automatic Writing, Alison Moyet, Tpau, Orbital, The Shamen


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